Varia specializes in doing assembly and subassembly work. Assemblies can consist of product assembly including completion of packaging for retail display

Electronic subassemblies can include tweezer welded leads insulated with shrink tubing

Wiring harness subassemblies include custom wire lengths, stripping, tinning and/or terminal crimping plus attachment to end user products.


Varia can economically rework or modify your existing parts or assemblies.


Varia has substantial welding capabilities for your small to medium requirements. This includes AC and CD tweezer spot welders for joining small parts on up to a larger 10KVA spot welder. We also have TIG , MIG and acetylene welding capabilities for joining aluminum, stainless steel or other steel alloys.

Tweezer spot welding can be used to efficiently join small conductors on electronic assemblies.

TIG is a popular choice of welding process when high quality precision welding is required.

TIG welding a stainless steel heat exchange canister where three components, the outside shell, the inside shell and the end cap must be simultaneously welded to affect a totally sealed product with no fluid leakage between the inner and outer chamber nor to the outside environment.


Varia has the capability to apply a flexible synthetic rubber coating on parts to weatherproof them from the environment. The process seals seams, cracks and small holes and the rubber coating is resistant to moisture, acid, alkali and abrasion. The coating also provides good electrical insulation and guards against shorts, rust and scratches. The process works on switches, fuses, junction boxes, terminals, circuit boards, wiring and electrical assemblies.


Varia is equipped with a basic full service machine shop. We can efficiently machine common plastics or metals. We can help you with jig, tooling or fixture design and can then fabricate the finished design.


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