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Can be used as either a fuse or a bulb holder. As a fuse holder, mounts in motor’s conduit box knockout to provide overload and short circuit protection for single phase FHP motors. As a bulb holder mounts in 7/8 inch hole or any ½ inch conduit knockout. Offset threaded extension for tight locations. Body made of heat and impact resistant high dielectric nylon plastic. Black. Shipping wt 0.1 lbs.


Hand operated, non flexible, stainless steel part retriever designed to grasp errant parts from tanks of noxious liquids or hard to reach places. Pressing on the inner rod allows four pre-sprung stainless steel fingers to exit the outer tube sheath and expand to grasp an object. A coil spring on the handle end will provide holding pressure on the object as it is extracted from the tank. The retrievers have been successfully used in tanks filled with chemicals typically used for photo processing.


  • Outer tube is 0.320 inch OD Stainless Steel
  • Inner rod is 0.080 inch DIA Stainless Steel encased in a Nylon sheath.
  • Fingers are pre-sprung Stainless Steel anchored to a threaded brass fitting with epoxy and a crimp
  • Available in 34inch and 54inch lengths


A Nichrome heating element is totally sealed inside a 3/16 inch OD stainless steel tube. A standard 110 volt line cord plugs into any typical AC household socket. The heating rod prevents freeze up when used in an exterior plumbing assembly that would supply water to a mobile home.


  • Lengths: 24 inches and 12 inches
  • Heating Element: 15 watts
  • Insulation over nichrome heating wire: 1,000V/M Dielectric strength (tested to 1200 V )
  • 500F Min service temperature
  • Watt Density: 1.3 watts/sq inch max
  • Power Cord: 6 foot long, 18/3, type HSJ or SVT Neoprene or PVC
  • Input Power: 110-120 V.A.C. Household current
  • Plug: Three prong molded rubber or PVC appliance plug with ground pin connected to 3/16 SS tube.


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