The Company

  Varia Enterprises is a manufacturing company that was started over 30 years ago by a mechanical engineer named Bill Turner. Besides contract manufacturing, under Bill’s direction, the company became involved in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products including a dipstick heater, a battery heater, a blood mixer, a bubble machine and a host of other unique items. During the 1990’s the company transitioned to Bill’s daughter, Lindy Purdy. Lindy managed Varia in a cost effective and customer sensitive manner that retained most of the clients her father had served. As consumer needs changed Varia focused more on contract manufacturing and some, but not all, of the historical Varia products faded from the market place.

In the fall of 2004 Roger Paulson became the new owner of Varia. Roger is a University of Minnesota mechanical engineer and brings over 30 years of engineering experience to Varia. Roger plans to continue operating Varia as a contract manufacturing facility and maintain the same high level of customer service established by his predecessors. In addition, he hopes to expand and upgrade the company’s capabilities to better serve both existing and new customers. Varia has retained its long-term creative and highly skilled work force which has made the transition to Roger’s ownership seamless and virtually invisible to Varia’s customers

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